About Us

Ülkem Inc., founded in 1974, aims at providing services in universal quality and standards based on customer satisfaction, and leading in terms of reliability, quality and sustainability in the sectors which it operates.

Ülkem Inc. continues to provide quality services at the international level in terms of business ethics and principless of honesty, to work with the best companies in the sector, to employ the best employees and to support national economy for 38 years.
As Ülkem Inc., our policy on quality is based on focus on customer and teamwork. We operate within the framework of ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems, with all our might to become the sample organization within the sectors we operate and aiming at;
  • Improving, developing and diversifying our products and services according to expectations and needs,
  • Working efficiently and creating value-added,
  • Satisfying our employees and creating suitable atmosphere for their self-development,
  • Cooperating with our business partners in the environment of trust and developing productivity,
  • Becoming the leading company within the sector in terms of technology and quality.
As Ülkem Inc. and its employees, we obey the national and international legislation and regulations, and create healthy and safe working environment in terms of a Occupational Health and Safety Management System which is based on continous self-development. Becoming the sample organization in terms of occupational health and safety, we manage our works within the framework of OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems aiming at;
  • Minimizing the effects of potential health and safety threats which may occur in the working environment by analyzing them,
  • Arranging educative activities to create and develop consciousness on occupational health and safety,
  • Embracing the target of “zero” work accident and “zero” professional disease and developing productivity by taking necessary precautions.,
As Ülkem Inc. and its employees, we obey the national and international legislation and regulations and produce eco-friendly consumer products within an environmental management system based on continuous improvement. We manage our works within the framework of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems aiming at;
  • Transferring to a clean and healthy environment for future generations,
  • Using energy and natural resources efficiently,
  • Reducing the negative environmental impacts of all processes until design to end of life cycle,
  • Increasing the environmental awareness of our employees and the community.